Landscape Supplies

WM Biers, Inc. produces some of the finest landscape supplies in upstate N.Y. We take pride in our mulch products, and the way we manufacture them with close attention to the raw materials cleanliness, dye mixture calculations, and finished product sizing. Our topsoil and compost is said to be the best by many of our customers, with strong attentions to the mixtures of the raw materials and the source from which they come from, Wm Biers, Inc. is always sure to have the best topsoil and compost for your gardens and lawn areas.

Wm Biers, Inc. can load any size quantity from a ¼ yd in a pickup to 110 yards of mulch in a walking floor, we are equipped with the proper equipment for all loading needs

Wm Biers, Inc. can also deliver any quantities from a 2 yard minimum delivery.

Truck Sizes and Capabilities

Natural Bark Blend

A blend of bark ground to make a nutrient dense mulch perfect for around perennials.
$34.00 / Cubic Yard

Black Onyx Mulch

Black Onyx is a double ground and dyed mulch made from a mixed variety of double ground wood products and an Eco Friendly Colorant dye.
$30.00 / Cubic Yard

Fire Red

Fire Red mulch is a double ground and dyed mulch made from a mixed variety of double ground wood products and an Eco Friendly Colorant dye.
$30.00 / Cubic Yard

Dark Cherry (Bark Mulch) (Main Yard)

“Dark Cherry” – Blended double ground all natural and organic in nature Bark Mulch. Our darkest brown mulch that retains moisture and keeps weeding to a minimum.
$34.00 / Cubic Yard

Certified Playground Mulch

Our IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch is certified to meet the ASTM F1292 for Impact Attenuation and to meet ASTM F2075 clean, non-hazardous Engineered wood fiber.
$30.00 / Cubic Yard

Brown (Dyed) (Main Yard)

Dyed Brown is a double ground and dyed mulch made from a mixed variety of double ground wood products and an Eco Friendly Colorant dye.
$30.00 / Cubic Yard

Screened Topsoil ( Main Yard)

Topsoil a screened blend mixture of compost, sandy loam, and clay like dirt then ran through a trammel screening plant to sort out all the larger debris. Great in flower beds, lawn installation and repairs, and vegetable gardens.
$25.00 / Cubic Yard

Compost ( Main Yard )

Our compost is a ground down blend of leaves, brush, and other yard waste, which then is left to rot for 3-5 years time. We then screen the material for the finished product. Great for using in vegetable gardens or blending with you existing soil to add needed nutrients.
$26.00 / Cubic Yard

Crusher Run (Item 4) (Bin 2)

Crusher Run (Item 4) is a very compactable crushed stone mixture and is most commonly used for base material for patio's, retaining walls, roads, driveways, etc.
$23.00 / Cubic Yard

Stone Dust (Bin 3)

Stone Dust like crusher run is a very compactable material and is used most commonly for base material, and repairs to base materials. Stone dust is a very fine stone product and when compacted correctly can be extremely durable.
$23.00 / Cubic Yard

Crushed Stone 2 (Bin 5)

Crushed #2 Stone is most commonly used for drainage, and backfilling drain lines. #2 crushed is typically 3/4 inch in size.
$23.00 / Cubic Yard

Crushed Stone #1 (Bin 6)

Crushed #1 stone is typically 1/2" in size and is commonly used in driveways and walkways, and also is used for drainage and backfilling applications as well.
$23.00 / Cubic Yard

Round Wash #1 (Bin 7)

Round Wash #1 Stone is a multi color round in shape stone with uses such as drainage, walkways, driveways, gardens paths, playground areas, etc. Round Wash #1 stone is roughly 1/2" in size.
$32.00 / Cubic Yard

Round Wash #2 Stone (Bin 8)

Round Wash # 2 Stone is a multi color stone great for drainage, and is commonly used with French drains and mixed with other sizes to form a dry creek bed appearance. Round Wash #2 is generally 3/4" - 1.5" in size.
$32.00 / Cubic Yard

Round Wash 3 (Bin 11)

Round Wash # 3 stone (River Rock) are a larger version of round wash and are growing in popularity on commercial and residential landscapes all over. Great way to separate mulch and stone, and great for steep hillside area's where other lighter materials would wash away. #3 Round Wash ranges from 2" - 3.5" in size roughly.
$34.00 / Cubic Yard

Round Wash 2/3 MIX

Round wash 2/3 mix is a multi colored blend of the stone ranging in sizes from ¾” to roughly 1 ½” in size.
$32.00 / Cubic Yard

Round Wash 4 (Bin 27)

Round Wash #4 also know as river rock is great border or edging material, excellent on slopes (little tough to get to stay), and makes for a real nice look along water features. You create beautiful natural looking dry creek beds over French drains by using 2's, 3s, and placing 4's sporadically down the bed area.
$34.00 / Cubic Yard

Yellow Pebbles (Bin 9)

Yellow Pebbles are most commonly in landscape designs to break up another form of material such as a different color and/ or size stone or a mulch product. Yellow pebbles are between 1/2 and 3/4" in size and are very uniform.
$115.00 / Cubic Yard

Yellow Sand (Sandy Loam) (Bin 10)

Yellow sand or Sandy Loam is a very absorbent sand that is commonly used in septic system installation and repair, back filling foundations and drainage lines, and is great clean fill source. Yellow sand also compacts very well.
$20.00 / Cubic Yard

Playground Wood Chips (Main Yard)

Play Ground Wood Chips are commonly used in... you guessed it playground area's. These chips are made from tree products which come to us in form of chucked tree sections or chippings from tree companies, we then double grind this material using 1" screens. Other uses are animal bedding, walkway paths, and a great natural color mulch product.
$18.00 / Cubic Yard

Mason Sand (Bin 12)

Mason Sand is most commonly used for masonry work to mix with concrete and mortar products. Another very common use of Mason Sand is in patio's, when done correctly patio's require 1" of sand over the base to screed off above the base before laying your pavers.
$28.00 / Cubic Yard

Concrete Sand (Bin 13)

Concrete Sand is very common in the masonry industry as well. This sand is a bit more course than the mason sand, and is used more in concrete where the finish is not as precise. We have also seen a lot of people use this sand for installing beaches on there property.
$28.00 / Cubic Yard

Brick Chips 1 (Bin 14)

Crushed Brick chips are great for walkways, paths, and as something different in the garden beds. They also look very nice when used in a ring around tree's. Brick Chips #1 are roughly 1/2" in size.
$75.00 / Cubic Yard

Marble Chips 1 (Bin 15)

Marble Chips #1 are commonly used as tree rings, around pool area's, garden beds, paths, etc. They are a beautiful white color and are roughly 1/2" in size.
$58.00 / Cubic Yard

Marble Chips 2 (Bin 16)

Marble Chips #2 are great as border's, around pool area's, tree rings, break up off different materials, around mailbox's, etc. Nice white color roughly 3/4 inch in size.
$58.00 / Cubic Yard

Green Slate (Bin 17)

Green Slate is commonly used in beds, around the house, around tree's, around mailbox's, and around pool area's.
$54.00 / Cubic Yard

Red Slate (Bin 18)

Red Slate is commonly used in beds, around the house, around tree's, around mailbox's, and around pool area's.
$54.00 / Cubic Yard

Brick Chips 2 (Bin 19)

Crushed #2 Brick chips are commonly used to break up other materials in garden beds, also for walkways, paths, and borders around beds. Brick Chips #2 are roughly 3/4 " in size
$75.00 / Cubic Yard

Fire Light (Bin 20)

Fire Light is a unique stone that looks great when breaking up other dark colored mulch, also great around pools, and as borders around beds, driveways, walkways, and etc.
$80.00 / Cubic Yard

Magenta Red (Bin 21)

Magenta Red is great for around houses, around pools, or as an alterative for mulch. This stone is a beautiful deep maroon color roughly 3/4" in size.
$78.00 / Cubic Yard

Dixie Pinks (Bin 22)

Dixie Pinks are beautiful around pools, driveway borders, walkways, or any place around the house. Dixie Pinks are beautiful blend of pink and white stone roughly 3/4" in size.
$118.00 / Cubic Yard

Cinnamon River Pebbles (Bin 23)

Cinnamon River is a 1/2" or smaller multicolor stone great for walkways, beach area's and around water features.
$77.00 / Cubic Yard

Mohawk Pebbles (Bin 24)

Mohawk Pebbles are multi color oval like stone roughly 3/4" - 1-1/4" and are very uniform in shape. Mohawk Pebbles are great all around the home and excellent in and around water features.
$82.00 / Cubic Yard

Brick Dust (Bin 25)

Brick Dust is primarily used on sports fields such as running tracks, baseball infields, and other sporting area's.
$75.00 / Cubic Yard


Hemlock - Cedar Blend is an all natural ground hemlock and cedar bark that has a unique color and smells great!!